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   Poker Party Supplies

Description of our Poker Party Supplies:
This poker table measures 42"x84". It weighs about 70 pounds. It comes in a red or green washable felt with folding steel legs.
The beauty of this poker table, compared to other poker tables on the market, is the ingenious design of the playing area. The poker table comes with 10 built in drink holders in the armrest, which holds a standard size drink snugly to avoid spills. The soft padded armrest doubles as an area for the player’s chips, as well as for drinks, snacks, etc. This keeps all the dangerous elements off the actual playing area, keeping your felt playing area in pristine position!

For a small fee, we can have your own custom logo imprinted on the felt. Please call us for more information.

Deluxe Poker Chip Set - (Pic of poker chip set)
This deluxe poker chips set includes:
500 “Poker Suit” design 11.5 gram composite chips
Chip Color breakdown: 150 White / 150 Red / 100 Blue / 50 Green / 50 Black
2 decks of brand new Washable Plastic Playing Cards
5 brand new dices
1 dealer button
1 brand new high quality aluminum case
This set is good for 9-10 players.

Please come back and check this page often. We will be updating our poker party supplies when we receive special deals on other poker equipment.