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About All In Poker Parties

All-in Poker Parties was founded by partners, Peter Lieberman and Dan Natarelli. They have a very strong background in business having both owned their own businesses in the past and present in Southen California.

Peter has been running poker tournaments for over 5 years now. He started out with 7 players and has blossomed into over 50 players every other month with a database of over 100 players. He provides food, drink, and a great atmosphere at all his tournaments. Earlier this year he decided that being part of a club was a great idea, so he started Pocket Aces Poker Club. Every member that signed up received a t-shirt and hat with the club’s logo on them just for playing in the inaugural tournament. These hats and shirts can been seen worn proudly around the Southern California card clubs and at home games everywhere. Next year, the club will hopefully be playing other Southern California poker clubs in tournaments to see which club has the best poker players.

As for Dan, he picked up on the idea from Peter to run his own tournaments. In early 2004, he ran a great charity event befitting the AIDS walk of Los Angeles. There were 75 players that night and among them, he had 4 professional poker players along with a well known actor play in that tournament. Everyone that night had a lot of fun and he raised over $4000.00 for the charity. His other achievement in 2004 was to run a World Series of Poker Win a Spot. He had 100 players put up money and then sent the winner to play in the biggest poker tournament ever in May of 2004.

As these two became friends, they started to realize that instead of just running these tournaments every other month for their friends, they could combine their resources and start a business of providing a night of fun, excitement, and of course, poker. They felt like a lot of people would like to experience the feeling of being in a poker tournament, but did not want to travel to one of the local card clubs to do it. They both truly love the game of poker, with Texas Hold-Em being their favorite. They both play about twice a month at the local card clubs
and play weekly online.